Sunday, August 16, 2009

daily playlist 8/16/09: love in stockholm

today's daily playlist is also a new haven concert must see, for tonight (8pm) at leon's.

i've mentioned my friend charlie's band, love in stockholm, before (sadly, didn't make the top 20 by a couple slots, but good for you if you voted), and tonight, new haven friends, you have a chance to see their new, awesome expanded set!

the "musical fearlessness" of this be-suited septet makes itself felt in all their originals, from the dance-ready (nay, dance-DEMANDING) funk-rock jams "allston, MA" (a tribute to the band's birthplace, a filthy, low rent, and deeply awesome slice of boston sandwiched between cambridge and brookline) and "fellowship of funk" to the more laid-back tunes like "don't be fooled". they also do some truly rocking covers of everything ranging from outkast's "bombs over baghdad" to the band's "don't do it", in their signature growly funk/soul sound (and let it be clear that by "funk", i do not mean any craptastic jam band nonsense; i mean serious funk). let's be real; anyone who can make me enjoy the middle school dance staple "no diggity" deserves a medal.

it may be a little out of your way, but, if you go, i guarantee you'll have the same reaction to love in stockholm that i heard from a surprised sounding gentleman last night at a family-heavy, all day outdoor music festival staged about 100 yards from plymouth rock. as charlie thanked the audience, the man muttered, "no thank you!" and turning to his wife, "these guys are fucking great".

Thursday, August 13, 2009

real talk

i have friends who assure me that this is a feeling that stays with you well into your thirties (or, if my mother is to be believed, nigh unto your sixties).
damnit. anyone know how to make pictures fit? n/m, just click the clicky.

daily playlist 8/13/09: daptones jukebox

oh, this. this is just magical.

sorrrrry (and upcoming).

mm yes, so i haven't been terribly good about updating this blog this summer, i know. however! in case you were actually missing the brain gobbits, be reassured: the next few days will be a veritable cornucopia of them, gathered during my last month and a half of living at home and seeing friends and family both on the cape and up and down the east coast...notes on some new albums, summer recipes, and even some thoughts on the politically unexciting month of august.

in the meantime, as i gather my thoughts, check out the latest update on my trip to nepal, which commences in t-7 days.

Friday, July 24, 2009

read of the day

this is such an awesome concept. it's two wicked fun things, hip-hop battles and international relations, making sweet sweet geeky love all over the npr website. wheeee!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

rock the vote

love in stockholm, the band of a close friend, is in serious contention to make it to the next round of mtv's best boston breakout contest! if you're not from the boston area, you may recognize them as one of the bands i am always surreptitiously trying to slip people on cds of other music. i am utterly unapologetic about this, as everyone could use a serious dose of the funk these guys bring.

register (for free) as a fan, go to mtv best breakout boston, and vote (or "judge") for these guys. get them to #20 (they're at #24), and maybe we can get some decent music on mtv for once. (be patient, the songs come up randomly).

also check out their stuff on myspace and facebook.

blogging FAIL

(maybe if i post this AWESOME video and then start writing prolifically the month-long gap between posts won't be as obvious. ok it's a plan. aaaand break)